Building Surveys For Property Buyers In London

Understanding the condition of any property is an essential step you must take before you commit to buying (or leasing) it. This applies just as much to commercial properties as it does to private homes.

You need to be fully informed about the potential liabilities the property has to offer you, particularly in terms of repair costs. Ordering a full building survey is always a smart idea, but it becomes especially important when the property in question is very old, constructed in an unconventional fashion, heavily altered, or poorly maintained.

London Building Surveyor can help! We offer a range of different survey services to fit your financial resources and the specific concerns you have about a particular property.

After completing a full building survey, we can provide the results through detailed or summary reports. In some cases, we may even be able to deliver survey reports verbally.

Our inspectors are always thorough when surveying a building. If you need to economise, we can help by simplifying the report we provide. We never compromise the thoroughness of our inspections.

No matter what sort of report you order, our inspectors will carefully examine every accessible part of the property, from the basement up to the chimneys.

We will also be happy to tailor our survey report based on any special concerns you have. If, for instance, your next step for a property after purchase will be a loft conversion, we can concentrate our report on the fit of the property for that intended work.

Buying a property is a big decision and a significant investment. It’s not a choice you want to make with an unclear understanding of the facts. Our surveys will help inform you and approach your buying decision with more peace of mind.

Our firm is completely independent, we are not connected in any way with any estate agencies, mortgage providers, banks, or other parties that might compromise our objectivity. Our advice is always impartial, and your interests are always our first priority.

When you work with London Building Surveyor, rest assured that you will always have the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and budget with your surveyor before you make any commitments.

To discuss your survey needs and receive a free no-obligation quotation, contact us today.