Dilapidations Surveyors London

One very important issue to discuss for both tenants and landlords of commercial property is dilapidation.

When a tenant enters a lease agreement for a commercial property with a landlord, there is usually not much attention given to the state of the property at the beginning.

In most cases, there is no set strategy that is in place for the maintenance of the property that is in line with what the lease indicates.

Both parties are not usually very interested in maintaining the overall property as the landlord is mainly concerned about generating money by renting his or her property and the tenant is simply concerned about running their business.

As a result, after time, such maintenance is needed and London Building Surveyor has the expertise that can help both the landlord and tenant with the issue of property care.

We have the best and most timely advice that will make sure that dilapidation claims are processed speedily and they are settled in a fair manner with the lowest cost.

So, be sure to call or contact us so that you can get a consultation and subsequent quotation.